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By kayobri on Daddy fucks a teen:

love videos like this


By Anonymous on Parker & Ink:

It says this clip is 20 minutes 23 seconds long. Why is it only 2 minutes 41 seconds long?

By DUDENLA2010 on Ass self-fucking:



By Anonymous on Vintage Gay Penis Pumps:

6:54 onwards the guy is also vacuum sucking the nuts with the dick. Well, that stretching is definetly "do at your own risk". When you use the vacuum tube, it causes outwards pressure from your internal organs, because the urea pipe goes directly inside your internal organs. When you suck all air out of that tube, where else do you think the air will start to get out too? Right, your bladder, balls, internal organs will be affected. Some people have a weak area under the stomach, where the testicles end up. That may cause that the tissue gives up and lets liquid to pour to your nut, left or right depending where it went loose. Then you got a surgean job ahead you. They cut open the testicle, let the liquid out and then have to close the area where it leaked by sewwing. Go ahead if you want, but dont complain if that or something similar happens to you aswell.

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i like boy

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Hi :-) I want to be your friend :-)

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So fucking horny this morning!
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